The Gift of Perspective

We live in a 4-d'ish' world, with over 7.125 billion different perspectives on it(almost infinite if I were to try and understand them all in my lifetime) and growing.  Most of us started our journey when we popped out of the womb(although some claim they remember before this((I've got a great memory so I'm gonna … Continue reading The Gift of Perspective


Fight Til Your Last Breathe

If Blood is Showering Out of Your veins, If the Lesions & wounds are Giving you Pain And Even If Circumstances are Showing your Death, In spite of that, Fight Till Your Last Breath. No Matter If you are Sailing On a Tidal Ocean, No Matter If conditions Prevailing give you Tension And Even If […] … Continue reading Fight Til Your Last Breathe


Trees are Groovy

Someone took the time to make this and I still agree, go trees Many walks are taking place these autumn days At times under the world’s clouds and other times the sun’s rays Walks near the water and walks by the shore But now I see differently as I once did before For the … Continue reading Trees are Groovy


Fujifilm X30 does Rock ‘n’ Roll

I have owned and used both the X10 and the X20. I really loved their versatility and dedicated super-macro mode as well as the very handy f/2-2.8 zoom lens with a broad range of 7.1-28.4mm (28-112mm full frame eq.) But in the end I always ended up selling them off because I always used the […] … Continue reading Fujifilm X30 does Rock ‘n’ Roll


How to adult and not be an asshole

I will be adding more to this as I remember them. 1. When shaking someone's hand (regardless of gender) grab firmly and look them in the eyes. First impressions are important and this will immediately establish respect. Alternatively you can grab their hand and try to start a wave dance. If they complete it they … Continue reading How to adult and not be an asshole


Lessons in Love – from Uber

Last Saturday, I caught a cab to a conference called How to Get the Relationship You Deserve. It was free, and I had nothing to lose. The speaker bore an uncanny resemblance to Nick Grimshaw and looked like a caricature of a used-car salesman, all suited and booted in black patent brogues, a pink tie […] … Continue reading Lessons in Love – from Uber