Are we all depressed??


No; at least I hope we aren’t.  It’s easy to take a look at the darker side of life and say that people have all sorts of escapes from reality for this very reason… but one could also say that life has it’s ups and downs and we’d better learn how to ride the waves before one gets sucked underwater.

Depression is a rather modern term that a lot of people throw around and I don’t think many really understand.  There’s the doldrums, melancholy, the bad month, and then there’s people clinically depressed too(along with different subsets of the category).  Also, I think there are my different types of imbalances that can mimic depression or cause it in the long-term.

For the sake of those that are clinically or majorly depressed(where none of the things that used to make you happy does anymore) I’d like to point out this difference; there’s supposedly 3 million cases annually of this problem(which definitely isn’t everybody but is a significant amount of people).  With this said, I’m not here to claim I know how to cure major depression.

I do want to point out that maybe we should give a little more credit to those who battle the actual condition by not labeling simple problems as depression and know that trying to understand it is nearly impossible to those who haven’t had the pleasure of dealing with it.  I hope that we consciously try and show these people the reasons to be alive once again without making things worse.

Since there’s always some new way of thinking that will help clear up some of the fogginess that is depression I’m constantly reminded of how many ideas remain out there that will assist in helping ppl with the condition.  The problem, I believe, lies in the fact that depression is a slippery slope and sucks out the joy of things in a way that’s hard to notice for the victim.  All of this makes many realize they have something that should be treated many years later while also now battling substance abuse problems or other addictions used to mask their depression.

Anyway, it took me 10 years to figure out that I should’ve taken the term more seriously and sought helpful changes so don’t be afraid to say you need help to the right kind of people(those who know what depression really is and care).


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