Unbiased Review of the Blatantly Lying Media (USA)

At this point in time, I’ve noticed news networks outright refuting opposing claims and blaming them right back.  Now there’s no way two sides can both be right when it comes to this; one side must definitely be lying.  It’s as if they aren’t even trying to cover their usual bullshit anymore which is scary to me.  It makes me think that we’re either stupid or too late to do anything in their eyes(the people who run news and media).  There needs to be oversight for lies…

Could we just brainstorm and come up with a law that holds networks and other “news” organizations responsible for fake news? It’s extremely ridiculous and out of hand…I’m serious, I really want to start a movement to have oversight over pitfalls in the media, pharmaceutical industry, and healthcare(for reasons I’ll explain some other time).

How can we allow half of our population to be lied to on a daily basis and do nothing about it?  This bullshit needs to end; I’m starting this topic as a forum for posts so please post your ideas on how this might be(or not be) accomplished.  Thanks to anyone taking the time to comment.


3 thoughts on “Unbiased Review of the Blatantly Lying Media (USA)

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