What is love?(baby don’t hurt me..?).

For real though, how deep is your love?(ha)

*Disclaimer – not my type of music but I’ve got a whack sense of humor…

What I mean to ask is: how do you define love?  Is it a condition between people who eventually want to get married?  Is it a sexual thing?  Is it the bond between a parent and child?  Is it more widespread? toward friends, people in general, insects or any living thing? maybe even toward everything that exists?  Is it the origin and essence of all that is good?

Right now, I believe its supposed to be all of the above(although I have trouble loving certain people at times); yet, inclusive of any of the above non-exclusively(to redefine the previous statement: the origin and essence of all that is good).  I believe there is no end to which one can love something, yet there are many forms of how love can be displayed.

I choose to believe that love is the origin and essence of all that is good because (Unconditionally) there’s nothing more pleasant, warm, right or just, and straight-up completing in nature.  I say its the answer for all that falls short of happiness or goodness; reach back toward love.

I can only dance around what love is with words as love is an infinite concept to me.

Love is absolute in its power and to deny it would be denying existence itself.

Why choose any other option?


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