The Nerd Life and You


It’s safe to say yes I am a nerd, thank you for noticing. But what does that mean nowadays?
When I was in high school, my vintage Marvel Star Wars t-shirt was made fun of but now random people on the streets stop me to ask where I got it. So what’s changed? I’m still the same adorable brand of weirdo I’ve always been, but it seems like more and more people are embracing nerd culture. So is this a good thing? I think so, much to the chagrin of my friends.
I think it’s awesome the stories and characters that I grew up loving are now presented in a format more people can enjoy. Because I’ll just say it… a lot of people don’t read….which is sad but that’s a topic for another time. What I don’t like is the constant testing of people’s knowledge of their fandom. As a female nerd, I’ve already been dealing with this for years.

“Oh you like Deadpool? You’ve probably never even read a comic!”

“You play Magic? That’s cute”

“You think you’re so special because you’re a girl? Nobody gives a !@#$%^&*! You’re just like every other woman!”

“Shut up and make me a sandwich.”

I’ve heard it all. Even as far as threats against my life on Xbox live (for winning!)

But back to my point, nerd culture is now a widespread and main stream thing. With Marvel and DC movies in the theaters every summer, Pokemon Go on phones, and the shows on TV (I love a good crossover episode), it’s never been a better time to have an encyclopedic memory of Harry Potter spells, a bachelor’s degree in Batman canon, and to be a Wasteland Savior (or in my case a Wasteland Destroyer, sorry Moira!)

IN SUMMARY, don’t be a dick; people are allowed to like the stuff you love. And just because they may not be a fan the way you are, that doesn’t mean they are less of a fan. Appreciate the fact they can finally understand what you love and that you have knowledge to spread.




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