You Can’t Trust People who Can’t make Good Sandwhiches

My mom tells me this all the time (she makes a fantastic sandwich by the way), and at first I thought it was just a funny thing she would say, but as I got older it seemed to be true. What does make a good sandwich though? That can be subjective but in my opinion it’s well constructed (doesn’t fall apart), tastes good, and looks appetizing.

So how does this apply to life? You need to follow steps to make all of these things happen. You need to know what you’re putting into it. You need to have pride in what you’re doing. Sounds silly to think you can tell all this by the way someone makes a sandwich, but it boils down to how they do lots of things.

My mom’s sandwiches were so good because she would start out with the best ingredients, take time to put them together (she would hide the lettuce and tomato in the dressing so we would eat them), and present it a way that was fun (with cookie cutters and fun shapes). That’s who my mom is as a person, she likes the better things in life, she always cared about our health and her own, and she always has a way of making things fun.

On the flipside, the worst sandwich I’ve ever had came from one the worst relationships I’d every been in. The bread was soggy, he used teriyaki sauce (ON A HAM AND CHEESE SANDWICH), and the cheese was cut off the block so thick it made up most of it. He never liked doing things for other people, he always felt he knew better than me (I told him teriyaki sauce and ham don’t mix), and he would cling to one thing he knew I liked and go completely overboard (4 inches of cheese). I couldn’t stomach more than two bites and we eventually broke up (not directly because of that sandwich but it was pretty bad)

So the sandwich system works for me. Are you questioning your sandwich making skills yet??? now I’m actually hungry…



2 thoughts on “You Can’t Trust People who Can’t make Good Sandwhiches

  1. I’ve found that to be true as well. A quality sandwich is made, as you say, by someone who cares about quality and also the person they are making it for. As my life skills have improved, I have gone from being a truly indifferent sandwich maker to a pretty good sandwich maker. And the ones my spouse made are to die for.

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