It’s funny to think of how many distractions there are today.  What is it that we want to be distracted from?  Are there other things that we are missing because of these distractions?  These are a few of the things I’m reminded of this morning as I check my phone and become redirected multiple times before I reach my destination here by notifications and other apps.

I wonder sometimes how often I distract myself(not very often because I’m usually distracted from that fact).  Then, every so often I come to a turning point of my awareness where I realize just how much nonsense I’ve been distracting myself with when I could be achieving the things I couldn’t handle right away.  I’m usually stuck in this cycle of awareness and distraction which is an excuse to not be present when I’m unable to do exactly what I want.

Sometimes I more so wonder what greater things are we being distracted from?  Are we losing our ability to communicate with one another?  Are we becoming more self-absorbed and isolated?  These are some of the things that I hear from the older generations and I’m coming to see that these things reign more true by the day with added distraction.  From new games to the majority of nonsense on T.V., distraction is growing just as exponentially as our ability to grow(so it seems…)

With all of this in mind, I guess I’ll be trying to stay in the moment more and keep focused on what’s important because there’s no limit on what can be improved upon and the time distracted is time wasted from that opportunity.

I wonder how long I can stay in the moment..?



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