The Horror of Addiction!

the veins carved their routes on her skin, he wondered how they'd look if they dug in, started caving inward... mask of dryness, red clay... silt?  Captivating, mortifying... imaginations...:

I am your addiction and I laugh as you scream,

You were warned from the start, from my friends you should wean,

But ha! you thought you had me

You thought I’d never see

As you took another snort, a puff, a drink or three.

As I watch you squirm and squeal,  pleading whilst in pain,

I have no pity, I wear a smirk, as you squeal and cry in vain.

Your money’s gone, friends since fled while you shiver in the rain,

Your time is up, you know you’ve lost and I have won the game.

But come come now,  let’s have some fun, I’ll give you one more chance,

This is your last time though to show your victory dance.

Now you know I know you, and I know you well

Will you take another chance, with lies to me to sell?

Let me see your strength my dear, as you battle me to live,

You should’ve given up on me, when you had the strength to give.

I see you’re on the park bench now, with papers as your cover

I am your addiction fool, from me you won’t recover!

For a laugh, prove me wrong, make me go away

It’s fun being here to watch you, but I want another play.

So what about adding, to your overflowing list?

To give me more to laugh at, while you cry and cut your wrist.

I’ll tell you now in secret, now you finally understand,

I am here to kill you, not to hold your hand!

*Written by Deborah Mann*



6 thoughts on “The Horror of Addiction!

    1. It’s really crap. SO glad you are out of it..well done to you! That line that read ‘from me you won’t recover!’ should’ve read, ‘from me so FEW recover’! sorry, should’ve read it through one more time before publishing. 🙂 Well done again x x x


      1. well it’s relative, but my addictions are much healthier now… the last two I beat were smoking cigarettes and drinking(14 years(among other things before)) so I’m alright I guess… now I’m a blog/health addict, woo


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