Quick questions

  1. Did you find navigating through the site difficult?
  2. We’re you able to find the archives and posts you wanted to reach?
  3. Thanks for any feedback you might have.


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9 thoughts on “Quick questions

  1. I wanted to thank you for stopping by my photography blog!! Appreciated much!! I’ve enjoyed some posts here but thought I share my sensitivity to that row of moving clocks. I find it hard to concentrate with that repetitive movement happening. Just constructive criticism I hope in case others have a hard time with it too. Or maybe I am just getting old!! Thanks,

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      1. Now I feel bad!! Poor clocks! Just too much motion. Maybe have one clock swinging and a more static scene for the rest of the banner. Leave the one to the far left swinging…it looks ok. with the rest covered up to me. Maybe do a poll about whether the swinging clocks are disturbing to anyone else? Might be fun?

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          1. Just beware of too many distractions in the design. Or maybe it can serve as a psychiatric test….instead of inkblot…what does it mean if you can’t concentrate with moving clocks all around. With or without the tick, tick, tick?


  2. To be honest, I haven’t yet navigated the site! oops…sorry! but I’ve so many posts to read, it’s getting stupid in here, (well it was crazy, now levelling out to plain stupid)….I’ll check out all the site offers soon as, and get back to you. Oh, one thing, I don’t know how to ‘link’ my posts on here, to my traderoutz livingstyle page! help please?


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