When is it Grace – and When is it Theft?

Scenario (fictitious)
You receive a box of goodies in the post, addressed to the previous owner of the house.
You open the box, as you’re quizzy.
Inside the box, to your amazement, you find;
One expensive bottle of perfume for women.
One expensive after shave for men.
One expensive after shave for teenage boys.

You live with your Husband and teenage Son…

So, is this some weird gift from Grace? The contents of said box, look like they’re a gift to each one of you. You know that this is truly bizaare, but aren’t sure what to put this down to.

GRACE? perhaps someone who loves and cares about you all, has sent you a gift in the post, addressing it to the previous owner, as he or she wants to remain totally anonymous and not questioned by you.


THEFT? If you keep the box and it’s contents, not returning it to the Post Office stating that the person it’s been addressed to isn’t you, would that be seen as theft?


Has an Angel smiled upon you and your family, and simply sent a gift package, that oddly suits each and everyone of you, so you ascertain and convince yourself that the package was actually meant for you and your family.

What would you do?

Keep the parcel and enjoy the goods?
or take the parcel to the Post Office stating it’s not addressed to you.

I know what I’d do, but I’ll zip it for now! LOL x x


4 thoughts on “GRACE….OR….THEFT?

  1. Return it. If someone wants to send a gift anonymously maybe they should address it to the person and not include an address from the sender.


  2. I would keep it. Because the chances of it EVER finding the person it’s addressed to, are minimal. That essentially means, that whomever works in the Post Office, after realising that there is nobody to be found with an address with whatever name would be on the parcel, would simply take it themselves! The chances of something like this happening, are almost ZERO anyway, but it’s interesting food for thought. 🙂


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