The honour of a Dolphin and her Baby…


I’ve been to swim with wild dolphins a few times, in Mozambique, a small Country next to South Africa. Everytime was a surreal experience. On one trip, we went out on the boat early in the morning, right to the back waters, far from shore, and then we waited….as so many times before.

Someone shouted’ they’re coming!‘ we all twisted our necks and towards us, swam a pod of wild dolphins. Quite a big pod. Ok, keep quiet,’she said ‘time to get into the water’, ‘keep your hands behind your backs, and if one or two of them come up close to you, do NOT try and touch them, because you could make them ill‘…tread water!

Once again, as I’d done before, I eagerly jumped overboard, with my costume and snorkels on. The thought of sharks out in the great sea, never occurred to me. I actually…

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