Poem Day 16 – numb — Landing Amongst Stars

Musings from today. Please do comment and share your thoughts/awkwardly deep emotions… (nope? just me?) the numbness creeps in day after day wasting hours, and hours, and lifetimes, away. staring at screens and cars that drive by wishing somehow that I had made more of my life. refresh, repeat, ignore the cold you won’t notice […]

via Poem Day 16 – numb — Landing Amongst Stars

Published by: StreetPsychiatrist

I'm Mike, the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of StreetPsychiatry.com . I started StreetPsych as a community hub for rare knowledge, wisdom, and personal insight. As a community effort, growth easily becomes exponential and unique. This is an offer to welcome you to our community: StreetPsychiatry.

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