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Doing & Being – Existence With Purpose

Take a walk out into any urban environment and quickly the mind is plagued with concerns and worries about what can be done regarding the various social and environmental dilemmas humanity is currently facing. I have been approached by many people over the past year that have asked, “But what can I do?!”. The answer … Continue reading Doing & Being – Existence With Purpose


The Jewel of the Lotus

Cool meditation experience and some insight and guidance once the damn monkey brain stops chattering

Mah Butt Itches

A guided meditation gave me a vision of a woman dressed as a soldier (ala Mulan) and the same woman in a beautiful hasho serving tea. The woman died peacefully amongst a rice field.

In this vision, too, I saw opening and closing flowers – roses and lotuses – and rainbows. The last vision to come to me was two words: Kuan Yin.

After, I researched this. I knew the name from my Goddess oracle card deck but nothing else. Kuan Yin is a goddess to some. A Buddha to others. She is the embodiment of compassion, a boddhisatva who foregoes Nirvana until all souls are liberated.

Kuan Yin’s associations are tea, rice, and lotuses. Her crystal is the rose quartz, which I had started carrying with me the day before. Om Mani Padme Hum is associated with her. This has been one of my favorite chants for months.


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The Background 

When in silence there is the pounding thought of what was believed to be. Your gut tells you run fast and free. The lies and humiliation are real.  The lowest point when the heart tells the head you're just imagining things.  Then the curtain drops and only the background of empty characters remain. The heart … Continue reading The Background