I was un-diagnosed until my 30s, but there was never a time that I did not think I was crazy.  I wrote on my blog yesterday, that "I am crazy" has been one of my core beliefs/wounds.  I have joked to friends my anxiety is so bad, I get anxious when I realize I'm not … Continue reading Happy?


Yay! I’ve lost my mind!

😜😜 It seems that there are literally millions of people suffering from one or other kind of mental illness. Some suffer a few at the same time! Right now, Bipolar is raging rampant, and thanks to disinterested Drs, who are mostly ill informed, and seriously don't give a shit, a bunch of tabs are prescribed, … Continue reading Yay! I’ve lost my mind!

Time to Zen Out!

TIME TO ZEN OUT!   Meditation is not difficult at all. I recommend that you use a 'guided meditation' when meditating, and not merely 'soft raindrops' or the like...Why? Because our minds are ever active, and thoughts rush through constantly. Meditation is there to quieten the mind,  giving you a sense of pure joy and … Continue reading Time to Zen Out!