How to win the Lotto…for reals

  Sometimes, my brain goes into a complete fog, and I know nothing about anything, no ideas, just blank, boring and crap. But then! a spark ignites, and I come up with such genius plans, that I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about them... Take this one.... So, imagine you won the lotto. You … Continue reading How to win the Lotto…for reals



I was un-diagnosed until my 30s, but there was never a time that I did not think I was crazy.  I wrote on my blog yesterday, that "I am crazy" has been one of my core beliefs/wounds.  I have joked to friends my anxiety is so bad, I get anxious when I realize I'm not … Continue reading Happy?


For every tear that trickles down And runs just like a river- For every face that wears a frown For Rage it would deliver - For every heart that aches in vain And every silent cry For every Soul that writhes in pain For every heavy sigh. Hope is on the hillside Love is in … Continue reading COURAGE…